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IRCForever-Team Todo list

NOTE: Please practice first on before attempting any of these major changes on the stable server.


 Miniontoby: Finish the eggdrop script to automate the processing of request for eggdrop bots. 
 Thor_Of_Angels: can check
 Cesur: can try the Marketing and get us listed at and and mIRC and androIRC@]
 Other taks: 
  1. setup if that is not installed yet
  2. do, but im not sure, lets discuss about this first
  3. check for recent changes / updates

Suggested to do list:

  1. set up the bot ircforever on every network you want to provide bouncers for: rizon, oftc, efnet, freenode, liberachat, quake, undernet, dalnet, ircnet, ircnow
  2. Register #ircforever on each network
  3. test the bot on a few networks to make sure it actually works
  4. setup a botnet using the wraith guide
  5. Be personally present on #ircforever in each network to help with user support
  6. check and answer emails
  7. make sure your http ssl cert works for,,,,, and


  1. update web page with terms of service and privacy policy
  2. add a cronjob to hopm to make sure it's always running <-- see the section on cronjob
  3. change your hostname on the VPS: $ doas hostname
  4. update all rdns records to use at -- there is a shortcut using the bot, message me on IRC to see how to automate this to avoid manual data entry. however, make 100% sure that you do *NOT* delete any records from -- both and must function simultaneously for users still using the old subdomains
  5. make sure your ssl cert works for,,,,,,,,, -- please test!
  6. fix your mail server to get 10/10 on and all green on when you send a test email to both (don't do lookup, send a test email)
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Page last modified on August 19, 2021, at 05:11 AM CEST