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Banana Todo list

NOTE: Please practice first on before attempting any of these major changes on the stable server.


astroanax: eggdrop script
[NPS]: can setup if that is not installed yet
Nav|C: can maybe try to do, but im not sure, lets discuss about this first
Thor_Of_Angels: can check
Cesur: can try the Marketing and get us listed at and and mIRC and androIRC


  1. Configure the firewall?
  2. Be familiar with how to add a new disk? and how to back up files?
  3. Host Eggdrop bots


  1. Check your ZNC to see if it is on version 1.8.2. If not, upgrade znc?
  2. Follow the Upgrade 6.8? guide to install for multiprocessor support
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Page last modified on April 22, 2021, at 08:00 PM CEST